I’ve published my first book, The Adventure Atlas!

This book is an experiment. I wanted to create a fantasy RPG campaign-in-a-book, and maps are where I always start when building a new world or story for my campaigns. I generated maps using the incredible tools at watabou.itch.io, finding maps that could go together (towns the right size, roads and rivers and coasts in the right place) and put them all in a book.

There are eight regions, each with 1-3 settlements and a few special locations (forest clearings, buildings, caves, or dungeons). I originally designed this book for my personal use to run a Maze Rats campaign for my son. As it came together, I wondered if other people would want it too.

If you’re interested, a digital copy is only $1, and it includes PDFs in several formats:

  • Maps only, intended for digital use
  • Maps alongside notes on 8.5x11” paper
  • Printable booklets - one for each region - with notes to either side (for both left- or right-handed writers)

If you’ve purchased it already, please leave a review if you can - I appreciate any feedback that can help me improve the product.

It’s generated enough interest so far that I’m already working on a second edition with hand-drawn original maps. Stay tuned for progress updates!